Sunday, 24 February 2013

20-2-2013 WEDNESDAY

Salam we leaned how to make cause- effect essay.I know that you all know how to make this type of essay but now we learn more detail and learn all pattern about this type of essay.For those who doing this type of essay for they term paper must give 100% focus in class.Does not mean that for those who are not do this type of essay does need to focus..everyone in class must focus because we still have no clue what type of essay is going to be in final paper.Cause-effect essay have 5 pattern.You can choose which pattern that you are going to do in final paper or term paper.After we finish listen to Miss Zu explanation about this essay,we need to do this kind of essay and finish it before class end.Each group have different topic.My group topic is about depression.We get this topic when Miss Zu show to us about one video clip that show about one women that have many kids and she dreaming killing himself because she can not stand anymore with her life.In my group we have Izani,Hakimah and Syafiqah Azmi.Truly speaking I am so stress when doing this task because we are the last group that watch the video clip so we need to doing this essay really fast.I am doing the introduction and conclusion.I am pretty sure that my sentence structure is really...after we finish we give the soft copy to Miss Zu.I so wondering what Miss Zu going to do with the essay.Let see what happen next week..

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MONDAY 18-2-2013
Hello your holiday?Today we learn new topic it is about make a guess about what the writer are trying to tell us.This is for the reading section in final paper.We play a simple game about guessing who are the murderer to Mr Boddy.Miss Zu give us different card to each of us the card.Each person have different card.Miss Zu told us that the card that we are holding are not the murderer,not the weapon and not the murder places.We need to think careful which person are the murder,what are the weapon to killed and where the places.Miss Zu show us 4 name suspect,4 places and 4 weapon in the slide in front.We have to thing carefully what card that we do not have.Wasim give the correct answer.After finish with this game,we have been divided into 5 group.In my group we have Fatin,Solihin and Syafiqah Azmi.Each group must give answer about what are going happen next for each video clip that Miss Zu are going to show.Even we watch the same video we give different answer.From this activity I realise that you must focus and do not rush to make conclusion because you have to take time to think carefully because if you give a wrong answer in exam you are going to lose mark.Today activity is so fun!!!
WEDNESDAY 6-2-2013
We are ready to past up the outline to Miss Zu but she told us to make a comment for other outline.Miss Zu told us to change our outline with others group and leave a comment about their outline.Our group make a change with Zubaidah group.When we check Zu group outline we realise that the quotation are wrong and have to be correct or their mark will be deduct.This activity is really helping us to help each other so that we can get a good mark in outline.We also realise that we still have so adjustment before past up the outline.Tomorrow we must past up this outline because we are going back to Shah Alam at 5.30pm.Good luck everyone and have a nice holiday!!
TUESDAY 5-2-2013

Today we are going ti show the new outline to Miss Zu after we make a correction yesterday.
We must show it today because we need to have Miss Zu approval because we need to send this outline before Friday.If you have some problem in quotation and paraphrasing you need to open page 55-56 because it really help me and Sarah doing our outline.Remember Miss Zu are going to deduct our mark if we  wrong in quotation and paraphrasing.Please save you mark!!!Happy because Miss Zu said that our quotation and paraphrasing are correct and no plagiarism.

Monday, 18 February 2013


MONDAY 4-2-2013
Today class we have to bring our laptop because Miss Zu are going to check our outline for term paper.I do not bring the laptop because Sarah bring her laptop.Sarah and I are so nervous when hear Miss Zu scold other team about their outline.We are so worried because our outline are no fully complete because we just do it yesterday.When Miss Zu saw the our outline she told us to make the a correction because we do not do the paraphasing the sentence.Now we realise the mistake that we have done.Today work we must make the correction before show it again tomorrow to Miss Zu.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WEDNESDAY 30-1-2013
Today Ita and Asnawi group are going to present their thesis statement.Miss Zu are really mad with we all because when she asking us to correct Ita and Asnawi thesis statement we all keep quiet and does not give any respond.After we all finish with the presentation no we move to other step that is make the introduction.We make three introduction that using different hook.The hook that we us are personal example,fact and rhetorical question.We show the introduction to Miss Zu,the reaction that Miss Zu give to is "your sentences structure is sucks".We admit the mistake and Miss Zu help us how to correct the sentence structure.Now we already have the introduction.. 

TUESDAY 29-1-2013
Today we are going to to present again our thesis statement to Miss Zu.I really hope that Miss Zu will approve our thesis statement today because if Miss Zu still reject our thesis statment we are going to be so sad and nuts.There is no doubt that having discussion with your collegue is really helping you to improve because the result after having the disccussion with other group that also make argumentative essay have been shown.Finally Miss Zu approve our thesis statement.The thesis statement for others group that doing argumentative also have been approved by Miss Zu.
The thesis statement that have been approved by Miss Zu:
"Others claim that by adding sex education in Malaysian educational system can make the social problem cases among students become even worse ,however, there are strong evidences show that by having sex education in school syllabus it can reduce the social problem."
After finish with the thesis statement now we move to the next step that is make the outlining for the term paper.Lets doing the outling...

MONDAY 28-1-2013

No class for today because today is public holiday.I am still in Shah Alam.I am going back to Segamat at 9.30am by bus with Sarah Aimin..So sad because I do not want to go back to Segamat.