Sunday, 24 March 2013

Three in one..all here

Writing skill.
I can not say whether I have improved in writing or not because I need some said it to me. I need some one to comment about my writing. What I can say that I have learn so many think about writing. I love writing but I not really confident writing in English because I not good in English. Miss Zu said to us that “you must take an action do not just said it”. It is true. The simple action that I can take is talk in English with my friends especially with Sarah. I promise that I will make sure to improve in English even though we do not have bell subject any more for the next semester.

Never cross in my mind to have my own blog that special for bell class only. I have no idea what should I write in my blog. I have to up date my blog for every single bell class. I feel really burden and stress because I have so many thing that more important than writing in a bell class blog. I know that Miss Zu want we to practise a lot in writing but for me writing blog for three classes is so much. Beside that we have to share every single thing that happens in class in the blog. Show every step to make term paper in blog, how you find your topic for term paper, put a picture and many things. That is what I feeling about writing this blog but I also think that blog also help me improve in writing and sometimes get a information from my colleges through blog.  

Last farewell..
 Last entry for bell blog. I feel a little bit sad because I have gone through so many things by writing in blog. At the first time I feel little bit burden when I have to writing in blog. But right now I used to it. Writing in blog has pro and con. The positive side is it can help me improve my writing not so much it just a bit but it really help. Beside that, I think it can generate my brain to come out with a new idea. The negative side is sometimes it really annoying me because at one time I have so many thing that have to be done. So for me blogging is not important things that have to be done first that why, I just writing in blog in my free time but sometimes Miss Zu like to force us to write in blog even though we have a lot of assignment that is more important than writing in a blog. This is my opinion about this blog but as a student I must follow my lecturer order because I know Miss Zu want the best for all of us. I also want to say thank you so much Miss Zu because she be so patient with us and I also want to say sorry if I hurt Miss Zu feeling.


21-3-2013 Thursday

We make a replacement class. Before the class start I asking Mss Zu a question about the essay. I want to know whether we can us the same point in the article given for my essay. She told me that you can us the same point but make sure that you already rephrase the sentences. If you did not rephrase you may going into big trouble. Miss Zu ask Ita help to collect all the portfolio because she need to have that to give mark and Miss Zu told us that our class is the first class that have the tickest portfolio that she ever see. We also help Miss Zu answering the survey about blogging. By doing the discussion about the final paper I saw the type of question that we will get in final paper. Before we end our last class for bell 311, Miss Zu make a big surprised to us. She bought us a food. We are really thankful to Miss Zu because we know that we make a lot of mistake to Miss Zu..

20-3-2013 Wednesday
Freedom..why I say like that because we just doing the quiz that we have not done yet in student portal. Actually I want to make a confession that I open my facebook and not doing nothing because I have done my quiz. Before we end our class today Miss Zu give us the last sem final paper. She told us to do it because Thursday night we going to discuss the answer.

19-3-2013 Tuesday

Our brains are not in a good condition right now because we just finish with QMT test before bell class. Today is the day we should submit our essay. Miss Zu ask me to help ger collect all the essat and then past to her. I feel so relive because the task given by Miss u is already have been submitted. Today we learn how to drawing conclusion and make a guess about the given word. This question we need to answer in part A, reading conclusion in our final paper. As usual, we need to be in group because Miss Zu will show to us a movie clip and write our conclusion in paper. The first clip is music video clip, the song is bad day. My group got 2 marks that is the full mark because we give the best answer. The second video clip is about Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring. For this time we also got the full point. I feel really happy today.

18-3-2013 Monday
For those who are still not finish doing their essay will be so happy because today we do not have class for bell. Trust me I already done my essay.

Argumentative essay...

13-3-2013 Wednesday

What???? to do it even we do term paper by partner we already feel it is so hard how come we want to do it by our own. Exhausted..Think positive Syafiqah..what Miss Zu  do to us is the right thing. In our final paper we have to do Miss Zu want us to get used with this type of writing because the chances of argumentative essay to be in final is high. Miss Zu told us to make a thesis statement for the topic that she gives to us. The topic is about donate you body when you die. Sarah and Bariah is the luckiest person because they have to write their thesis statement in white board. I can figure it out how to write the right way when I saw the thesis statement that they write. Before we end our class, Miss Zu gives us time to do our thesis statement about “women nowadays are aggressive and bolder and men more sensitive”. I still in progress doing my thesis statement..we have to submit the full essay by next week

12-3-2013 Tuesday 
 no class happy face big smile..good luck to Fikri group because they are the first group that doing speaking test.