Monday, 28 January 2013

23-1-2013 WEDNESDAY

Today we do not have bell classes but we must go to library and sit in group to redoing again our thesis statement.Sarah and I doing the thesis statement again with much more focusing on how to make our thesis statement look like argumentative essay.We also get help from other in the class.After finish doing our thesis statement we also help other group doing the thesis statement.Even we are not really helping so much but I hope that we can come up with the best thesis statement and also get approval  from Miss Zu..
22-1-12013 TUESDAY
Today we are going to present our thesis statement for our term paper essay.The first group present their thesis statement is Faiz & Fikri.Their thesis statement had been rejected by Miss Zu.After Faiz team present they call Solihin team..Solihin thesis statement had been approve by Miss Zu  even their thesis statement are not really extraordinary but they doing the thesis statement in the correct way for their term paper.Miss Zu does not approve my team thesis statement because we are not doing the thesis statement for the argumentative essay.Miss Zu told us that our thesis statement does not sound for argumentative essay.We have to make new thesis statement that suitable and sound like argumentative essay.I just realize that our thesis statement are wrong when Miss Zu told us..Thanks Miss Zu.Today Miss Zu only approve three group thesis statement.The lucky group is Solihin group,Bariah group and Atikah Ahmad group.

to Solihin group,Bariah group and Atikah Ahmad group.

21-1-2013 MONDAY
No bell class for today..

Thursday, 17 January 2013


WEDNESDAY  16-1-2013
Today we are learning how to make introduction paragraph by using different hook.
Actually in one introduction paragraph we can using more than one hook it is depends on how you using the hook in the essay.
After we finish look all the example how to using hook for our essay Miss Zu told us to be our own partner because she want us to discuss about which hook that we are going to use for essay and which one we prefer,make introduction paragraph first then make a thesis statement or make the thesis statement than the introduction paragraph.
Sarah and I more prefer to make the introduction essay first because we want to see whether the hook that we are going to use is suitable with the thesis statement.We are on the process of making the 3 thesis statement that Miss Zu told us to do.We have to be prepare that consequence that going to happen for Tuesday class because Miss Zu are going to check our thesis statement and pick the best thesis statement to be put in our term paper.Sarah and I are going to put maybe 3 hook in introduction paragraph.The hook that we are going to use are quotations,rhetorical questions and current event.The hook that we are going to use is depend on the introduction essay.I hope that we can come out with the good results..I wish that we all can make the thesis statement that can meet Miss Zu expectations.Aja Aja Fighting!!!!



Wednesday, 16 January 2013

TUESDAY 15-1-2013
Today we coming late because before bell class we have quiz for qmt class.We are late for 15 minutes..Thank you so much to Miss Zu because she not angry with us.Today we are recall about thesis statement.The location of thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph.Thesis statement is different for different type of essay.
Miss Zu asking us to make three thesis statement for our term paper,she going to check it on tuesday class.We also learn about the hook for introduction paragraph.The function of the hook is to attrack reader to read our essay.
2.contrast to the thesis statement
3.fact & statistic
4.current events
5.rhetorical question
7.personal example
8.funnel/broad topic/general statement
More time we have mean that our thesis statment must be bizzare

Let's debate

Monday 14-1-2013
Today activity we are going to debate.The topic for first group of debate is "Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc."In my group we have Fikri,Wasim,Eka Ahmad,Farahani,Hakimah and Nadiah salihin.My group is not disaggre with this topic so we come up with 7 reason why we say so.
1.The statement is funny
2.For business purpose
3.Like and poke botton is already in our fb page.
4.Relationship based on trust
5.We can find our friends or get a new friends
6.As medium for social network
7.It depend on body language or words that been use.
Our group won the debate but the best debate is Faiz from goverment group.
For the second debate,the topic is about men can work in group more efficent that women.There is no winner for this debate but the best debate is Rozita.Good job to all because we are brave enough to debate in front classmate for today.

WEDNESDAY 9-1-2013
Today we only focus on our blog.Miss Zu asking us to follow our classmate blog because we need to comment on thier blog.We also checking others blog..Izat blog looks so scary and mystery to me because the blog have skeleton picture and the background is in black.Different with Fikri Fikri blog he put Durian as the background picture maybe he like Durian so much that why he put Durian picture there..I hate Durian because it make me dizzy when smell durian.I think that I already follow everyone blog for those who I still not follow his blog please inform me..Today activity is so much fun to me because we only doing blog.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

TUESDAY 8-1-2013
Today class Miss Zu start with checking our blog.Nadia zamri is the lucky one because she been selected as person who are going to show the blog to all classmate.With this activity I finally realize what actually that Miss Zu want us to write in the blog.She told us that you also can be interactive in writing blog.It is depends how you write you blog.Now I realize that I have create a boring blog for my friends.
After finish with Nadia blog viewing,Miss Zu teach us about the fact and opinion.She told us how to differentiate the sentence whether it is a fact or opinion.Fct is specific detail that can be proven as true based on objective evidence.Opinion is a feeling,judgment,belief or conclusion that cannot be proven true by objective evidence.You can go to this site if you want to know more about fact and opinion

We also play game that call salesman and sales women.In this game we need to guess how many opinion and fact sentence.Miss Zu bring some item and we need to choose which item that we are going to promote in front of the class.In my team we have kima,ana,and fikri the crazy one.The product that we are going to promote is coffee mix.We have to make 5 sentence and in that sentence we need to create the opinion and fact sentence.We are group 5 and we have 3 opinion sentence and 2 fact sentence.I think that sarah group can guess the correct one.We do not have the winner for this game because my group are tied with sarah group..

MONDAY 7-1-2013
As usual our class at DST nothing change.But today we have to bring our laptop because we are going to comment other blog.Before we start commenting others blog,sarah and I are presenting our essay topic again to make sure that there is no more problem regarding our topic.Zubaidah and Ani also doing the same things.The topic that be approve by Miss Zu for Zubaidah group is about handphone.I can not remenber the full topic.Congratulation Zubaidah and Ani..Bad thing happen in class when we can not use the internet excess,without internet we can not doing our task taht given by Miss Zu.Miss Zu disided that we have to move to the library because there is no internet excess at DSP.
We use library computer to finish our job for today.
Love Your Library


The process you must know to make sure you essay topic for assignment will be approve by the lecture...

You must read a lot of material such as newspaper,magazine,journal or anythings that have the latest issues about what happen in this world now days..or maybe you can narrow the point of view to what happen in Malaysia.This can help you to choose which topic you want to make as your essay topic.Like what I did with Sarah..
For the first presentation we list 5 topic that is about joke & prank,drain clogging,Internet use amount students and hospital for the cancer patient.Unfortunately Miss Zu does not approve any topic that we give to her.What Miss Zu told us that she can not find the issues that we want to talk about and the topic that we choose is not the lattes issues.After try and error so many times,finally Miss Zu approve our topic.The topic is future sex education in Malaysia  should it be implemented or rejected.After your lecturer approve your topic you must do the broad topic,narrow topic,focus topic.Example,

broad topic is sex education.
narrow topic is sex education in Malaysia.
focus topic is future sex education in Malaysia should it be implemented or rejected.

Make sure that you know what type of essay that you are going to write.The type of my essay is argumentative.
You also have to make sure that the topic that you choose must have enough material and the material must be easy to find.Make sure that at least you have 1 material from journal.Always remember to keeping a record of sources.You can turn page 16 in text book if you want to know how to record details of sources.Below is some example that I can show to you.

Newspaper (The Star online)
Malaysia says no to sex education .
asian one education
WEBSITE ADDRESS                              (ONLINE SOURCES) 
DATE OF RETRIEVAL                        (ONLINE SOURCES)
1 Pages

Monday, 7 January 2013

WEDNESDAY 2-1-2013
My hope for bell class is that Miss Zu will approve our essay topic.Miss Zu did not want us to make a presentation for that day because she want to teach us more about summarising and paraphrasing and also she want to play some interesting games with us.I begging Miss Zu to just go through our topic because we list 5 topic to be approve by Miss Zu.Alhamdullilah Miss Zu approve sex education to be our essay topic.FINALLY :)
In this class for today we have to be in a group because we have to compete with other group to make a summarising and paraphrasing.In my team we have sarah.nadia zamri,nadia salihin,nabila,rozita and inayah.We got the highest mark so our group won the game. This is a good day for me :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


TUESDAY 1-1-2013

We keep searching a new topic  for our essay.We present again.The topic that we choose is local education and oversea education.With this topic we want to make the differences and the similarity about the education or find the reason why our student what to further their study in oversea university.Miss Zu rejected our topic because she can not find the issues and this topic is not the latest issues.We give another topic that is about the suicide but still she reject the topic.I am so stressful and I really can not understand what really Miss Zu want..:(

Today we learn about summarizing and paraphrasing.Summarizing is the reproduction of a passage using fewer words.Paraphrasing is about expressing someone else's ideas using your own words.If you wants to know more about summarizing and paraphrasing you can open
bell text book page 24-29.Do not be so lazy to open that taxt book alright guy :)

 My team redoing the presentation again because we can not find the enough material for our topic.We already get the new topic.The topic is about bribery.Unfortunately our team is little bit late to present our topic because faiz team already use that topic for thier essay topic.To bad because we already have all the material for bribery topic.Miss Zu asking us to find another topic.Headache..headache and headache :(

no comment!!!

TUESDAY 18-12-2012

Miss Zu give a task to us to find a topic maximum 3 topic for our essay assignment.
I pair with Sarah safari for this task.
Miss Zu ask 3 we give 5 topic.
We are the first couple that start the presentation.
We are so nervous at in front.
Miss Zu asking us so many questions.Unfortunately we can't answer the question.
I can see that Miss Zu are not satisfy with our presentation for that day.Sarah and I have to find another topic to present again for tomorrow.Before the classed end we come up with a new topic.The topic is the similarities and differences about local car and import car.We have to find the content for that topic.


WEDNESDAY 19-12-2012

Sarah and I only hope Miss Zu will approved our new topic.
There is not much we can find about our topic because we only have short time to find the sources
about this essay.We just have to find the topic and the content for the essay we already have headache.Alhamdullilah Miss Zu give her approvel to us.I can't imagine when we started to write full essay..
There is more problem that waiting for us in future
I hope that I have strange and a lot of patient for that day..Hope that everything going smoothly.


MONDAY 17-12-2012

We learn grammar again..
When she read our blog she find out that we really have a big problem about our grammar.
Miss Zu said that our grammar is bad.The level is so low for our standard actually.
I agree with that because I know that I really bad in grammar.
I keep repeating the same mistake.
I can see that Miss Zu really worried about us.
 For that day she make a revision about grammar on the surface only because we already know about present continuous,present perfect,present perfect progressive,past simple,past perfect and past continuous.
I really thankful with Miss Zu action.
Thanks Miss Zu :)