Wednesday, 16 January 2013

TUESDAY 15-1-2013
Today we coming late because before bell class we have quiz for qmt class.We are late for 15 minutes..Thank you so much to Miss Zu because she not angry with us.Today we are recall about thesis statement.The location of thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph.Thesis statement is different for different type of essay.
Miss Zu asking us to make three thesis statement for our term paper,she going to check it on tuesday class.We also learn about the hook for introduction paragraph.The function of the hook is to attrack reader to read our essay.
2.contrast to the thesis statement
3.fact & statistic
4.current events
5.rhetorical question
7.personal example
8.funnel/broad topic/general statement
More time we have mean that our thesis statment must be bizzare

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