Sunday, 6 January 2013


TUESDAY 1-1-2013

We keep searching a new topic  for our essay.We present again.The topic that we choose is local education and oversea education.With this topic we want to make the differences and the similarity about the education or find the reason why our student what to further their study in oversea university.Miss Zu rejected our topic because she can not find the issues and this topic is not the latest issues.We give another topic that is about the suicide but still she reject the topic.I am so stressful and I really can not understand what really Miss Zu want..:(

Today we learn about summarizing and paraphrasing.Summarizing is the reproduction of a passage using fewer words.Paraphrasing is about expressing someone else's ideas using your own words.If you wants to know more about summarizing and paraphrasing you can open
bell text book page 24-29.Do not be so lazy to open that taxt book alright guy :)

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