Tuesday, 8 January 2013

TUESDAY 8-1-2013
Today class Miss Zu start with checking our blog.Nadia zamri is the lucky one because she been selected as person who are going to show the blog to all classmate.With this activity I finally realize what actually that Miss Zu want us to write in the blog.She told us that you also can be interactive in writing blog.It is depends how you write you blog.Now I realize that I have create a boring blog for my friends.
After finish with Nadia blog viewing,Miss Zu teach us about the fact and opinion.She told us how to differentiate the sentence whether it is a fact or opinion.Fct is specific detail that can be proven as true based on objective evidence.Opinion is a feeling,judgment,belief or conclusion that cannot be proven true by objective evidence.You can go to this site if you want to know more about fact and opinion

We also play game that call salesman and sales women.In this game we need to guess how many opinion and fact sentence.Miss Zu bring some item and we need to choose which item that we are going to promote in front of the class.In my team we have kima,ana,and fikri the crazy one.The product that we are going to promote is coffee mix.We have to make 5 sentence and in that sentence we need to create the opinion and fact sentence.We are group 5 and we have 3 opinion sentence and 2 fact sentence.I think that sarah group can guess the correct one.We do not have the winner for this game because my group are tied with sarah group..

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