Monday, 28 January 2013

22-1-12013 TUESDAY
Today we are going to present our thesis statement for our term paper essay.The first group present their thesis statement is Faiz & Fikri.Their thesis statement had been rejected by Miss Zu.After Faiz team present they call Solihin team..Solihin thesis statement had been approve by Miss Zu  even their thesis statement are not really extraordinary but they doing the thesis statement in the correct way for their term paper.Miss Zu does not approve my team thesis statement because we are not doing the thesis statement for the argumentative essay.Miss Zu told us that our thesis statement does not sound for argumentative essay.We have to make new thesis statement that suitable and sound like argumentative essay.I just realize that our thesis statement are wrong when Miss Zu told us..Thanks Miss Zu.Today Miss Zu only approve three group thesis statement.The lucky group is Solihin group,Bariah group and Atikah Ahmad group.

to Solihin group,Bariah group and Atikah Ahmad group.

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