Thursday, 17 January 2013


WEDNESDAY  16-1-2013
Today we are learning how to make introduction paragraph by using different hook.
Actually in one introduction paragraph we can using more than one hook it is depends on how you using the hook in the essay.
After we finish look all the example how to using hook for our essay Miss Zu told us to be our own partner because she want us to discuss about which hook that we are going to use for essay and which one we prefer,make introduction paragraph first then make a thesis statement or make the thesis statement than the introduction paragraph.
Sarah and I more prefer to make the introduction essay first because we want to see whether the hook that we are going to use is suitable with the thesis statement.We are on the process of making the 3 thesis statement that Miss Zu told us to do.We have to be prepare that consequence that going to happen for Tuesday class because Miss Zu are going to check our thesis statement and pick the best thesis statement to be put in our term paper.Sarah and I are going to put maybe 3 hook in introduction paragraph.The hook that we are going to use are quotations,rhetorical questions and current event.The hook that we are going to use is depend on the introduction essay.I hope that we can come out with the good results..I wish that we all can make the thesis statement that can meet Miss Zu expectations.Aja Aja Fighting!!!!



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