Thursday, 13 December 2012

WEDNESDAY 14-11-2012

The last entry for this week..
first time entering SL2.In this class we used the computer to finish our task about blog.
Miss Zu told us to create a blog for someone who still don't have a blog to create blog.
For the rest that already have a blog can follow someone blog.
We have to follow our classmate blog.
I not a someone that know about blog so I always asking Sara to help me.
I'm so thankful because Sarah want to help me.
Before class end for today,Miss Zu told us to find our own partner to work together for our next assignment.
I choose Sarah as my partner.What we are going to do is we have to find a topic about anythings.The topic that we choose can be a topic for our essay assignment for this semester.
I still wondering what kind of topic I want for our essay.. 
So let see what going happen for next week in Bell 311 classes..see you soon!!!

TUESDAY 13-11-2012

Becoming a kid again..
Miss Zu told us to write down t about our own secret that can be really shocking when people hear about that!!
Three secret..
I don't think that I have secret that can be so shocking when it revel.
My secret is
1: I can  crying without have any reason for me to cry.
2: I love to bulling my older sister.
3: I can be so 'gedik' with my parents if i want something.
Nothing shocking right??
After we finish writing about our secret..Miss Zu told us to folded the paper to a jet shape..
I so surprise that the boys in our class can't folded the paper into jet shape. Solihin folded the paper and turn the paper to ship shape not a jet shape hahhaks
After folded the paper onto jet shape we need to fly the jet.
When Miss Zu say stop we just to take someone jet because we are going to read the paper at so that all people not really all people just our classmate can hear about the secret.
I really having so much fun for today because I hear really shocking secret.
Never imagine that someone have shocking secret..not the ordinary secret but extraordinary secret.. 

MONDAY 12-11-2012
Today  I think that Miss Zu is having a headache because we not really prepare for the task that was given by Miss Zu last week.
She really upset with our performance today..
We keep doing the same mistake.
My turn with Izat is today.I feeling so nervous but I think that I doing okay.
Not bad..hahahks
I think that I become more closed to my classmate now because I already know about them.

WEDNESDAY 7-11-2012

I don't have much to write for the Wednesday classes because our bell class is been canceled.
So happy because I can back to my dorm early.The assignment that we should do for today have been postpone for next week classes.

TUESDAY 6-11-2012

My second class for bell :)
Our class for that day located at U214.A last class for Tuesday started 4 pm end at 5.45 pm but I hope that our class can end a little bit faster because I want to go to night market.
I forgot to talk about blog.Yesterday class, Miss Zu asking us to create a blog just for Bell 311.
I keep thinking about that.
 In that class Miss Zu refreash our memory about how many type of essay that we learn past semester.
Truly speaking I not really remember about that..
Before Miss Zu end the class she give us one work.
Miss Zu keep make me nervous. 
She ask us to work in pair
The reason she ask us it is because we have to introduce our partner about he/she background
and give 4 facts about our partner and one of the facts that we say is a lies.
The rest have to guess which is the false one.
My partner is Izat or our classmate call he holly..
Don't ask me why holly because I don;t have the answer.
Miss Zu also say that our class for tomorrow might be a little bit late because she have meeting with her collage.So let see what happen for tomorrow class :))

MONDAY 5-11-2012

The first day for bell is Monday 2.10pm at DSP.
Everyone was wondering why we have class at DSP..but I more excited to know who is my lecturer for Bell 311.
Without introducing her self to us,she explain to us about bell 311 with the high volume of voice because she have to compete with the heavy rain.Miss Zuraidah binti sumery is my bell lecturer for this semester.
My first point of view about her is she is kind but at the same time very firm with her students.
Before we end our class for that day we play a game like 'ice breaking' with classmate.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A new world

Salam and hello everyone!!

This is my blog..My first time writing in a blog..I fell shocking when miss Zuraidah asking us to create a blog for bell311.I love to reading but not just not me at all..frankly speaking I fell so burden to writing in a blog.
Miss Zuraidah had a reason why she asking us to create a blog because she want us to make a improvement in our writing skills.Good attention but does not get a full support from us because I think that 27 out of 28 classmate does not like to writing.I have to admit that without I realize actually writing in the blog can improve my writing skill.I hope that at the end of this semester my writing skills will have improvement.. :)