Thursday, 13 December 2012

TUESDAY 6-11-2012

My second class for bell :)
Our class for that day located at U214.A last class for Tuesday started 4 pm end at 5.45 pm but I hope that our class can end a little bit faster because I want to go to night market.
I forgot to talk about blog.Yesterday class, Miss Zu asking us to create a blog just for Bell 311.
I keep thinking about that.
 In that class Miss Zu refreash our memory about how many type of essay that we learn past semester.
Truly speaking I not really remember about that..
Before Miss Zu end the class she give us one work.
Miss Zu keep make me nervous. 
She ask us to work in pair
The reason she ask us it is because we have to introduce our partner about he/she background
and give 4 facts about our partner and one of the facts that we say is a lies.
The rest have to guess which is the false one.
My partner is Izat or our classmate call he holly..
Don't ask me why holly because I don;t have the answer.
Miss Zu also say that our class for tomorrow might be a little bit late because she have meeting with her collage.So let see what happen for tomorrow class :))

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