Thursday, 13 December 2012

TUESDAY 13-11-2012

Becoming a kid again..
Miss Zu told us to write down t about our own secret that can be really shocking when people hear about that!!
Three secret..
I don't think that I have secret that can be so shocking when it revel.
My secret is
1: I can  crying without have any reason for me to cry.
2: I love to bulling my older sister.
3: I can be so 'gedik' with my parents if i want something.
Nothing shocking right??
After we finish writing about our secret..Miss Zu told us to folded the paper to a jet shape..
I so surprise that the boys in our class can't folded the paper into jet shape. Solihin folded the paper and turn the paper to ship shape not a jet shape hahhaks
After folded the paper onto jet shape we need to fly the jet.
When Miss Zu say stop we just to take someone jet because we are going to read the paper at so that all people not really all people just our classmate can hear about the secret.
I really having so much fun for today because I hear really shocking secret.
Never imagine that someone have shocking secret..not the ordinary secret but extraordinary secret.. 

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