Thursday, 13 December 2012

WEDNESDAY 14-11-2012

The last entry for this week..
first time entering SL2.In this class we used the computer to finish our task about blog.
Miss Zu told us to create a blog for someone who still don't have a blog to create blog.
For the rest that already have a blog can follow someone blog.
We have to follow our classmate blog.
I not a someone that know about blog so I always asking Sara to help me.
I'm so thankful because Sarah want to help me.
Before class end for today,Miss Zu told us to find our own partner to work together for our next assignment.
I choose Sarah as my partner.What we are going to do is we have to find a topic about anythings.The topic that we choose can be a topic for our essay assignment for this semester.
I still wondering what kind of topic I want for our essay.. 
So let see what going happen for next week in Bell 311 classes..see you soon!!!

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