Monday, 7 January 2013

WEDNESDAY 2-1-2013
My hope for bell class is that Miss Zu will approve our essay topic.Miss Zu did not want us to make a presentation for that day because she want to teach us more about summarising and paraphrasing and also she want to play some interesting games with us.I begging Miss Zu to just go through our topic because we list 5 topic to be approve by Miss Zu.Alhamdullilah Miss Zu approve sex education to be our essay topic.FINALLY :)
In this class for today we have to be in a group because we have to compete with other group to make a summarising and paraphrasing.In my team we have sarah.nadia zamri,nadia salihin,nabila,rozita and inayah.We got the highest mark so our group won the game. This is a good day for me :)

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