Saturday, 9 March 2013

26-2-2013 TUESDAY

Miss Zu said that she really miss to hear our voice, because of that she want us to make a forum. This also to help us to make a preparation for our speaking test. We have 6 group.Each group have different topic, but today we just have a discussion about the topic and tomorrow we have to do the forum.My group tittle for forum is 'A Proper Diet" this topic we focus on women because they tend to do extreme diet to get quick result.Today we just discussing about our role in the forum.My role for tomorrow forum is as a nutritionist,Athirah as a doctor,Farhana as a patient who face this problem,Solihin as gym instructor and lastly Nadia as moderator for the forum.I so excited to this this forum..Can not wait for tomorrow.

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