Sunday, 24 March 2013

Three in one..all here

Writing skill.
I can not say whether I have improved in writing or not because I need some said it to me. I need some one to comment about my writing. What I can say that I have learn so many think about writing. I love writing but I not really confident writing in English because I not good in English. Miss Zu said to us that “you must take an action do not just said it”. It is true. The simple action that I can take is talk in English with my friends especially with Sarah. I promise that I will make sure to improve in English even though we do not have bell subject any more for the next semester.

Never cross in my mind to have my own blog that special for bell class only. I have no idea what should I write in my blog. I have to up date my blog for every single bell class. I feel really burden and stress because I have so many thing that more important than writing in a bell class blog. I know that Miss Zu want we to practise a lot in writing but for me writing blog for three classes is so much. Beside that we have to share every single thing that happens in class in the blog. Show every step to make term paper in blog, how you find your topic for term paper, put a picture and many things. That is what I feeling about writing this blog but I also think that blog also help me improve in writing and sometimes get a information from my colleges through blog.  

Last farewell..
 Last entry for bell blog. I feel a little bit sad because I have gone through so many things by writing in blog. At the first time I feel little bit burden when I have to writing in blog. But right now I used to it. Writing in blog has pro and con. The positive side is it can help me improve my writing not so much it just a bit but it really help. Beside that, I think it can generate my brain to come out with a new idea. The negative side is sometimes it really annoying me because at one time I have so many thing that have to be done. So for me blogging is not important things that have to be done first that why, I just writing in blog in my free time but sometimes Miss Zu like to force us to write in blog even though we have a lot of assignment that is more important than writing in a blog. This is my opinion about this blog but as a student I must follow my lecturer order because I know Miss Zu want the best for all of us. I also want to say thank you so much Miss Zu because she be so patient with us and I also want to say sorry if I hurt Miss Zu feeling.



  1. improve your English especially with me.. hahaha
    insyaallah I will support you as what you support me. Like we support each other.I hope you can get a Great marks for you exam because I know you can do it.

  2. you already good in english syafiqah. correction' i have learn so many things not think'. i know typo right. what you say is very very true and i felt just like what you feel about writing a blog. soo muchhh burden right, but we know there must be something behind all of these. miss zu want we to success.