Sunday, 24 March 2013

19-3-2013 Tuesday

Our brains are not in a good condition right now because we just finish with QMT test before bell class. Today is the day we should submit our essay. Miss Zu ask me to help ger collect all the essat and then past to her. I feel so relive because the task given by Miss u is already have been submitted. Today we learn how to drawing conclusion and make a guess about the given word. This question we need to answer in part A, reading conclusion in our final paper. As usual, we need to be in group because Miss Zu will show to us a movie clip and write our conclusion in paper. The first clip is music video clip, the song is bad day. My group got 2 marks that is the full mark because we give the best answer. The second video clip is about Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring. For this time we also got the full point. I feel really happy today.

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