Sunday, 24 March 2013

21-3-2013 Thursday

We make a replacement class. Before the class start I asking Mss Zu a question about the essay. I want to know whether we can us the same point in the article given for my essay. She told me that you can us the same point but make sure that you already rephrase the sentences. If you did not rephrase you may going into big trouble. Miss Zu ask Ita help to collect all the portfolio because she need to have that to give mark and Miss Zu told us that our class is the first class that have the tickest portfolio that she ever see. We also help Miss Zu answering the survey about blogging. By doing the discussion about the final paper I saw the type of question that we will get in final paper. Before we end our last class for bell 311, Miss Zu make a big surprised to us. She bought us a food. We are really thankful to Miss Zu because we know that we make a lot of mistake to Miss Zu..

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  1. yeah! my friend who had been teaching by miss zu said, her fail is very very thickest compared to mine. well, i thought mine is the perfect one.. ahahahhahah! nevermind, the important thing is we remember what miss zu taught us, and it is not about how thick or thin your fail. that's it!