Sunday, 24 March 2013

Argumentative essay...

13-3-2013 Wednesday

What???? to do it even we do term paper by partner we already feel it is so hard how come we want to do it by our own. Exhausted..Think positive Syafiqah..what Miss Zu  do to us is the right thing. In our final paper we have to do Miss Zu want us to get used with this type of writing because the chances of argumentative essay to be in final is high. Miss Zu told us to make a thesis statement for the topic that she gives to us. The topic is about donate you body when you die. Sarah and Bariah is the luckiest person because they have to write their thesis statement in white board. I can figure it out how to write the right way when I saw the thesis statement that they write. Before we end our class, Miss Zu gives us time to do our thesis statement about “women nowadays are aggressive and bolder and men more sensitive”. I still in progress doing my thesis statement..we have to submit the full essay by next week

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  1. do you mean donation of organ? or it the same meaning of donating your body? hahaha! well i agree with you syafiqah, everything that miss zu asks us to do have a reason.