Wednesday, 13 March 2013

6-3-2013 WEDNESDAY

Speaking test are in corner.Miss Zu make a revision because she want us to make a full preparation about speaking test.Part 3 speaking test is a littel bit different because we are not be provided with the point.We need to figure it out by ourself.Miss Zu pick group 1 to have a ‘fake speaking test’ because she want us to see what we are going to face in the real speaking test.The lucky candidate is Asnawi,Faiz,Farhana and Bariah.For those are not doing this fake speaking test need to give the mark to the candidate.Miss Zu give this opportunity to us because she want us learn or figure it out what kind of mark that you going to have by your own performance in the real speaking test.Before the class end Miss Zu give us the paper that have question about the speaking test.

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