Wednesday, 6 February 2013

TUESDAY 29-1-2013
Today we are going to to present again our thesis statement to Miss Zu.I really hope that Miss Zu will approve our thesis statement today because if Miss Zu still reject our thesis statment we are going to be so sad and nuts.There is no doubt that having discussion with your collegue is really helping you to improve because the result after having the disccussion with other group that also make argumentative essay have been shown.Finally Miss Zu approve our thesis statement.The thesis statement for others group that doing argumentative also have been approved by Miss Zu.
The thesis statement that have been approved by Miss Zu:
"Others claim that by adding sex education in Malaysian educational system can make the social problem cases among students become even worse ,however, there are strong evidences show that by having sex education in school syllabus it can reduce the social problem."
After finish with the thesis statement now we move to the next step that is make the outlining for the term paper.Lets doing the outling...

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