Sunday, 24 February 2013

20-2-2013 WEDNESDAY

Salam we leaned how to make cause- effect essay.I know that you all know how to make this type of essay but now we learn more detail and learn all pattern about this type of essay.For those who doing this type of essay for they term paper must give 100% focus in class.Does not mean that for those who are not do this type of essay does need to focus..everyone in class must focus because we still have no clue what type of essay is going to be in final paper.Cause-effect essay have 5 pattern.You can choose which pattern that you are going to do in final paper or term paper.After we finish listen to Miss Zu explanation about this essay,we need to do this kind of essay and finish it before class end.Each group have different topic.My group topic is about depression.We get this topic when Miss Zu show to us about one video clip that show about one women that have many kids and she dreaming killing himself because she can not stand anymore with her life.In my group we have Izani,Hakimah and Syafiqah Azmi.Truly speaking I am so stress when doing this task because we are the last group that watch the video clip so we need to doing this essay really fast.I am doing the introduction and conclusion.I am pretty sure that my sentence structure is really...after we finish we give the soft copy to Miss Zu.I so wondering what Miss Zu going to do with the essay.Let see what happen next week..

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